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Embedding a Youtube Video

Posted on: October 31, 2008

This process is very simple…a lot simpler than it first seems. Many websites will say that there is something wrong with the youtube embedding code. Ignore them. When you go to youtube, grab the embed code there, copy it, and paste it into Dreamweaver (or whatever programing site you are on). Don’t panic if you cannot see the actual video on your program…you will not see it there, but only on your site itself.

You can easily resize your videos once you have the code. The only “hard” thing here is calculating the ratio of height and width so you don’t distort your video. Once you do this, there are two spots in the code where the dimensions are listed (beginning and end of the code). Make sure that you change both codes or nothing will happen.

One student who was sucessful in removing the skin from his videos (the little indicators that it’s a youtube video) has the information in the html of his site (http://clem.mscd.edu/~tbrown79).


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